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Ghostship Chronicles Press Release and Press pack

We have released the press pack and the press release for our Ghostship Chronicles game due to hit steam tomorrow.

The Press pack can be found here and contains game information, links, logo, screenshots and artwork.

Here is the press release :

Ghostship Chronicles

Ghostship Chronicles releases on Steam for Windows/PC on the 17th November 2020.

Blackpool UK, November 16, 2020 - Mad About Games Studios announces the release of Ghostship Chronicles on Steam on the 17th November for Windows desktop PCs.

Ghostship Chronicles is a sci-fi first person and third person shooter. The game features various modes including story mode where you play through each game with random elements while keeping your team alive to evolve more stories and 3 different endings.

Onslaught is a frantic wave based survival game mode which features a variety of enemies such as zombies, aliens and space pirates. A 16 player Team DeathMatch is also included which you can fight for the CDF or the Pirates and as you struggle for points aliens attack both teams, at any time randomly. The game also has a tutorial to get you started and a firing range simulation which features all the unique weapons and items which can be found and used in the game. Featuring real time cinematics and full gamepad support Ghostship chronicles is a fun and challenging indie game based on the CDF universe by Shaun T. Williams.

Ghostship Chronicles is developed with the Unreal 4 engine and has been through multiple testing rounds over the last few years with a group of small and dedicated testers.

“This game is much more fun and has many more fun and exciting features than the original Ghostship games, while trying to keep the same atmosphere and style of the older games, I wanted to produce a game which plays as good as it looks.” explains Shaun Williams who has developed the game over the last 4 and half years.

Mad About Games Studios has had to overcome many challenges over the last few years and 2020 has been no exception with Covid-19. The owner and founder of Mad About Games Studios Shaun Williams has taken into account all the feedback from the first 2 Ghostship games which were developed in the UDK (Unreal 3 Engine). A press kit is available which features screenshots, artwork, information and links to the teaser and release trailers. Mad About Games Studios now has an all new website, domain and more. Learn more at

Press Contact

Name: Shaun Williams


Press kit:

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