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Ghostship 3 (Ghostship Chronicles) Coming this fall!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

We’ve made it through years of challenges, and now with the covid-19 challenges this year we are on track to release our third Ghostship title on Steam. We are still aiming for the 20th of November 2020

What is new in Ghostship 3?

Ghostship 3 is much more fun and polished game than both previous ghostship games. The game has the original style and atmosphere and has many additional improvements. The game is single player and multiplayer.

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Shaun Williams
Shaun Williams
Nov 06, 2020

Cdf ghostship is an awesome game. It may be clunky as some say but the random elements really make it a game you can spend 100 hours + on. Most people (98% spent 10 mins or less) so the gameplay elements and new features of the new Ghosthip title should make it much more fun. With crosshairs, nav markers, real time cut scenes, random loot form locker as inventory management has been expanded and lots of things to find, use and do it should be much more fun for all, and the deeper elements show when replaying the game as this one is not open world and is more scripted/directed. With addition of a unique team death match multiplayer …


Oct 30, 2020

I can't wait to play it. I'm in my 2nd playthrough of CDF Ghostship, about 25 hours spent total on the story. I'm going to write a review/recommendation for CDF GhostShip on Steam once I beat it properly. I believe my game glitched in my first playthrough, literally at the very end a game breaking bug when a certain timed event never properly triggered. That is okay, I don't mind playing it through again. I figured I should try to beat one of the stories before writing a review. I will say for now, the game is very fun and I believe under-appreciatied as a diamond in the rough. The many unique and well done parts of it far outweig…

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