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Reficul 666 Released into Steam Early Access

A solo indie devloper and publisher is proud to present my 7th game, in steam early access. Game available here :

Press Release :

Reficul 666 releases into Steam Early Access Today, 30th March 2021 Blackpool, UK,

Mad About Games Studios announced today the release of Reficul 666 for PC on the Steam early access platform on March 30th 2021 (

Reficul 666 is an Indie Open-world survival horror game featuring ghosts, undead, and demons. Darkness has always gone hand in hand with loneliness. When you don`t see who is nearby, you lose touch with the world and become numb. Challenge these ancient sources of fear!

Introducing REFICUL 666, an indie survival game in a small, once cozy North American town. You have to go through an exciting test in the open world, where the unexpected can be your doom. Or salvation ... Be careful, this world is full of demons that do not like intruders. But don`t let fear consume you.

Explore to survive and learn the riddle of this world. The gameplay of REFICUL 666 contains elements of uncertainty that will not let you relax when you start playing again. Light is the source of life in this game too. When darkness enveloped the whole world, only light can break the line of uncertainty. Appreciate it, look for it in batteries that are scattered throughout the city. We wish you good luck!

The game was originally released for VR in 2017, since then a lot of work has gone into remaking the game and adding some new features for the non-vr version. “We will be releasing the game into early access as we build and improve on the game and add more content through 2021.” Explains Shaun Williams, the Lead Developer. During the Early Access phase, we plan to build on our Indie survival horror game with more features, enemies and locations.

The game supports a mouse and keyboard or Gamepad. This is the 7th release from Mad About Games Studios. The small Blackpool-based indie studio is led by Shaun Williams BA, best known for his work on such titles as Starfighter Origins, Ghostship and Reficul VR. Using the Unreal 4 engine, the Reficul 666 game is brought to life with real scale environments and one hell of an atmosphere which will always keep you on your toes.

About Mad About Games Studios

Mad About Games Studios is a United Kingdom based indie and virtual studio comprised of a small team with a lot of passion for games and horror. The team draws experience from across the board and we have some amazing talented voice actors who work with us from all around the globe.

Press Pack available on the official website :

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