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Originally released into steam early access on Halloween 2017.  After just over a year In early access the Game went to full release on the 6th May 2018.  Another few updates were released in the following months, and due to covid-19 the (Remastered Version) is due to Hit in Q2 2021.

VR Only!  Supports Motion Controllers

Gameplay Videos - Coming Soon

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Designed Exclusively for VR, Reficul is a rogue-like open world survival horror game. Chose between realistic weapon handling or simplified Arcade mode with a variety of dark challenges and experiences with magical relics and a horde of dark spirits and unique and dark styled dark themed arcade games. Expect a challenging action-packed, atmospheric apocalyptic survival horror game.

BRING OUT YOU`RE DEAD! " cough", Bring out your VR! for Halloween! And get some friends round or have fun streaming! REFICUL 1.2 IS here!

As darkness descends upon the world. all contact is lost. Set in a small town in North America, will you survive the dark new world? Prepare for a challenging and unique enemy, realistic weapon handling, powerful magical relics, perma-death, and lots of eerie VR fun in this open world VR apocalypse game. The game will test your survival skills in every way, how you handle a weapon, limited inventory, observation and you really have to do some work to survive!

With our new 1.2 updates forget all the stresses and learning of real weapons, lighting placement and surviving a dark new world with realistic odds. Pick our arcade mode to really have some fun! Featuring an all-new arcade system and our Demon Hunter arcade game with a magical sword and a dark deep crypt to explore and conquer!

Built from the ground up for Oculus Rift and the HTC-Vive, Reficul focuses on every aspect of survival horror with plenty of action combat based gameplay using a variety of weapons and magical relics. With a unique visual real-time inventory and 2 hands, you become the controller as you react and observe the environment to find clues about how to survive. Observation is a huge part of the game, there are no glowing way-point markers or highlighted pickups. Survival is not handed on a plate in Reficul and each new game will have new challenges and objectives. This game will test all your survival skills!



  • Open-world - Survival Horror game with Rogue-Like elements

  • Real-time Visual Inventory (No menus)

  • One Hell of an Atmosphere

  • Challenging gameplay with a random story/objectives with each new game

  • Locomotion & Teleport /Snap Turn

  • Bonus Games - Wave based Shooters and a Zombie Survival - Reficul game

  • Realistic weapon handling and physics in Normal game

  • Fun and easily accessible Arcade mode and unique games!

  • Left and Right-hand support for weapons and inventory

  • left and right-handed control scheme (excluding some weapons)

  • Immersive environments with a tense atmosphere and real sense of dread

  • Powerful Relics with unique and awesome powers

  • Procedural enemies and effects such as lightning






This is a horror game and is not recommended for those who have heart problems, epilepsy, anxiety problems or mental and physical health issues.

Teaser trailer

Release trailer - Coming Soon!

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